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Children have many opportunities in this world to take any route in life. As a young child, it is important to instill the right core values and beliefs so that your child may grow in the Lord. Crossing Heritage Academy has a program to blend solid education with compassionate beliefs to create a caring and loving person. Private, Christian schools in Texas are not all created equally, so it is important to find a school that shares your beliefs and works well with both your child and your family.

As a Part-Time School in Fort Worth/Keller, many people turn to Crossing Heritage Academy. We are a part-time school that is rooted in Christian beliefs. We understand that sometimes the education your child receives from a public school just isn't enough, and we are here to help.  We offer a Pre-Elementary Bridge Class available to help get your child ready for a traditional school day. We also have the ability to teach your child through high school, providing a sound curriculum backed by Christian beliefs. Our goal is for students to have a respect for others and the world around them, while still being prepared and ready to enter the next phase of life. This could mean many things including entering a traditional college or secondary education system, enrolling in a junior college, attending a trade school or entering into the US Armed Forces. Our goal is to equip young adults that are well educated and have their Christian beliefs as the foundation for their life.

Students K4 through 6th grade are enrolled in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Bible, PE and Art/Music.  Middle Schoolers add a Lifeskills class to their schedule.  High School students are enrolled in grade-appropriate classes and complete all 26 required credits for graduation.  School days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am-2:45pm.

Advantages of Crossing Heritage Academy include:

  • Small class sizes.  Maximum class size is 14 students per teacher in Elementary classes; 15 students per teacher in Secondary classes.

  • Multiple, short recesses are taken throughout the day for students to take a break. 

  • All curriculum is Christian-based. 

  • Parent involvement in take-home work is an essential part of the partnership; however, parents never need to feel alone in managing the take-home work.  CHA teachers are available Friday/Monday to help in any way needed with assignments.