Pre-Elementary Schooling

Pre-Elementary Schooling For Young Children

Giving your children a solid education begins in the home. From the day your children are born you are teaching them how to behave, interact, and learn for themselves. Not only do you work hard to make sure your child understands the basic colors, shapes, and letters, but you want your child to treat others kindly and fairly, and understand how much God loves them. Many parents want to give their children an easy introduction to school and turn to Pre-Elementary Schooling. Our Bridge class is designed for those students who miss the current year's cut-off for Kindergarten.  This is a great opportunity to introduce some of the basic formatting conventional elementary school has in an easy and adaptive environment.

Providing private education in the Fort Worth/Keller area, the entire team at Crossing Heritage Academy is here to help with pre-elementary schooling. At Crossing Heritage Academy we want to continue the Christian practices and beliefs that you have raised your child with to this point. We believe that private education in Fort Worth/Keller should not only be about education, but about how much God loves our students and has a plan for their lives. Our team is caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate and able to prepare children for their future education. It is our goal to partner with parents in their child's education journey.