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Private School

Trust The Best Private School With Your Child's Education

When it comes to caring for you child, we always want to give him or her the absolute best education. Spending quality time with our children, making sure they are well fed, and keeping them happy are just some of the things we do as parents. When it comes to your child's education, trust the professionals. Part-time education is an opportunity for excellent education as well as giving families opportunity to spend more quality time together.

Teachers at CHA genuinely care about their students and their spiritual, academic and social growth and development.  We teach from a biblical worldview in every aspect from Biology to Government to Math.  We teach biblical principles with regards to how to love God and love others.

If you are searching for a part-time, private Christian school for your child, turn to Crossing Heritage Academy. We are a school that is rooted in excellence. Not only do we want our students to be well-educated and prepared for the next step in their education, but we want our students to have an understanding of how much God loves them. Crossing Heritage Academy is rooted in Christian beliefs that we instill in our students. We believe that we can be an extension of these same values taught in the home and can help to form a well-rounded individual. Having these basic understandings and beliefs as the foundation of our educational system, we believe that we are able to partner with parents for academic excellence.

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